At some point in our lives, we all are guilty of wearing an ill-fitting bra or the wrong bra size that has ruined an otherwise flawless outfit—or worse, an entire day. The breast pain, compression and backaches that are the gifts of an ill fitted bra are nothing to joke about. The solution is finding and investing in a set of undergarments that are the right cut, fit, and size—but it's not a simple solution. It requires a close examination and a complete measurement process that you can perform easily in your homes.

Equipment for measuring bra size is minimal: All you need is a measuring tape and a little free time, and you'll have saved yourself a lot of bra-shopping misery. Best of all, knowing how to measure your bust will make adjusting to changes in your breasts from losing or gaining weight, hormone fluctuations, aging, pregnancy, lactation and so much more, so much less stressful.

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Here are just a few terms to know right before you start making use of that measuring tape. It is essential to know the anatomy of a bra so that a perfect fit can be achieved.

STEP 1: Wear an everyday use, comfortable bra.

Take out your best fit bra that you would chose any day for a comfortable all day long experience. Since bras wear off over time due to washing and dry cleaning or even when they are being dried in the sun, do not chose a bra which is more than a year old. Also, it should not be padded, underwired or a minimizer. Basically, chose a bra that satisfies the following criterions:

STEP 2: Measure your band size.

Now take that measuring tape and wrap it snugly across your back, keeping it parallel to the ground, and measure directly under your bust. Round down to the nearest whole number and note your band size.

Step3: Measure your bust size

Keep the measuring tape around your back at band level and measure across the fullest part of your chest, making sure to hold the measuring tape snugly against you and parallel to the ground. Take a few deep breaths to let the tape rest on its most comfortable position (but not too loose!). If it falls on the half-inch, just round up. That’s your bust size!

Step4: Use the Bra Size Calculator

Keep the measuring tape around your back at band level and measure across the fullest part of your chest, making sure to hold the measuring tape snugly against you and parallel to the ground. Take a few deep breaths to let the tape rest on its most comfortable position (but not too loose!). If it falls on the half-inch, just round up. That’s your bust size!

And viola! You’ve have now unlocked the ultimate boss lady level. Now no more guesswork when shopping for your lingerie online. Chose your perfect fit and enjoy hasslefree days without wanting to rip off your bra the moment you get to your bedroom!


Now this is the biggest misconception of all times! Your bra size changes every 6 months due to various hormonal and environmental factors like pregnancy, weight gain/loss, deit, lactation, stress, hormonal imbalance and much more.

Many a times, our cup size remains the same but our band width changes, or our band width remains the same and our cup volume changes. here comes the role of a SISTER SIZE.

For instance,

  • If your bra band is tight, then you should opt for a sister size up by increasing the band size and decreasing the cup size letter (if your current size is 34B, then go for 36A).
  • If your bra band is loose, then you should opt for a sister size down by decreasing the band size and increasing the cup size letter (if your current size is 34B, then go for 32C).



A padded bra is tailored to make your chest appear bigger. Other than toning up on size a padded bra also adds shape to your form. Sometimes your breasts can look too pointy. This happens specially in your adolescent years. It gives a very ripe look that might embarrass the young girl. The types of bras with padding usually flatten out the pointed look and give you a rounded shape. You also need these bras later in life when your breasts start sagging. Padded bras have thick layers of padding and thus you need not worry about ‘showing’ when you are wearing them.

Style Guide: Padded Bra

Breast Type All
Occasion Everyday
Outfit All


A T-shirt bra is quite similar to a padded bra. It has smooth and seamless cups that don’t leave any impression when worn under body-hugging outfits. This style works best with fitted outfits for a clean & smooth silhouette.

Style Guide: T-shirt Bra

Breast Type All
Occasion Everyday
Outfit T-Shirts, Body Hugging Dresses, Sheer or see- through uppers


A push-up bra lifts your breasts and pushes them closer while giving you a very prominent cleavage. Push-up bras usually have underwired cups for a gentle lift. They have angular padding that drastically changes the shape and look of your breasts. Starting from level 1 push up, which is a gentle push to a level 3, which is a heavy lift, you can pick the amount of drama you need!

Style Guide: Push-Up Bra

Breast Type Mostly for Small, Saggy
Occasion Parties
Outfit Low cut blouses, Plunge Neck Outfits


These bras have wired cups, although the cups may or may not be padded. The underwires provide a gentle lift to breast making them look perkier. This style works best for women who feel they have saggy breasts and need that extra lift.

Style Guide: Underwired Bra

Breast Type Large, Bulky volume in cups
Occasion All
Outfit Sarees, shirts with heavy embroideries, high neck and halter neck blouses


Bralette is a bra style that lies somewhere between a bra and a crop top. These easy-to-wear bras are usually non-padded non-wired and have a slip-on style. With less of support and construction, this style focuses more on style and comfort factor. They are usually airy and breathable and are the most commonly worn under summer wear.

Style Guide: Bralette

Breast Type Small, Medium
Occasion Laid-back evenings or work from home mornings
Movienights or sleepovers at home
Outfit Transparent, Backless outfits or like crop tops


This style can be worn without the straps. Its main support is offered by underwired cups and an inner silicon lining along the edges that prevent the bra from slipping down. Such styles sometimes have side boning for extra support. They work best under tube, strapless and off-shoulder outfits.

Style Guide: Strapless Bra

Breast Type Small
Occasion Casual outing, Parties
Outfit Off shoulder Tops, Tube Tops, Racerback Dresses, Cold shoulder blouses


A balconette bra can be identified by its wide set straps. The name has been derived from the word ‘balcony’ that pretty much resembles the neckline that is created by wide set straps. This bra style works best for broad necklines or square shaped necklines.

Style Guide: Balconette Bra

Breast Type Small, Medium
Occasion Parties
Outfit Wide Neck Tops, Sarees, Salwar Suits


Nursing bras are a blessing for new mothers. They feature a flap at the cups for easy feeding access. These flaps are usually secured with a clasp that can be unhooked by a single handle making it easy to feed the baby. These are crafted with breathable cotton fabric and are non-padded and non-wired to keep the mother at utmost ease during the time of changing breast shape and size. These are also called Maternity Bras.

Style Guide: Nursing Bra

Ideal time Post pregnancy and lactation period
Solution Convenient feeding access


Sports bras with racerbacks are the ones that have a tank top-like back. These work best under outfits that have a similar back style. It serves as a great option for women who often complain about bra straps slipping down the shoulders while working out or running. A lot of women claim that these bras are very comfortable and feel light on the back. They provide the utmost support and firm hold needed to ensure that the breasts don’t hurt or sag and minimize bouce during or after a heavy running, jumping or workout session.

Style Guide: Racerback Bra

Occasion Workout, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics Everyday
Outfit Tank Tops, Racerback Dresses, Athletic wear tops


Plunge bras have demi-coverage cups that cover one-third of the breasts and have a deep neckline all the way to the centre gore. They work best under outfits that have a low neckline and ensure no embarrassing bra peeks.

Style Guide: Plunge Bra

Breast Type Small, Medium
Occasion Weddings, Parties
Outfit V Neckline Dresses


Full figure bras as the name suggests, have full coverage cups and broader side coverage. Such styles work best with women who have bigger & fuller breasts. These bras prevent spillage and give a much more flattering figure with the utmost support.

Style Guide: Full Figure Bra

Breast Type Large
Occasion Everyday as per convenience
Outfit Dresses, Tops, T-Shirts

Q1.What type of bra is ideal for daily use?

A simple T-shirt bra is execellent for daily comes with soft fabric and the full coverage cups ensure no's completely non-wired and non-padded which make it ideal for everyday use/But if we conside the scorching summers sun and the humid enviroment of execellent choice would be choosing brasfrom the cotton collection of any lingerie brand.Differenct types of cups styles like full coverage or demi or plunge neck styles are available in Espico pink's Everyday Essentials cotton collection.

Q2.I have bigger breasts.which kind of bra is best for me?

Here are some bras that are best suitable for women with bigger,bulkier breats
  1. Full coverage to tackle the no spillage concerns
  2. Sports bras for any strenuous physical activity to ensure minimum bounce
  3. Underwired for that perked up loo k
  4. T-shirt to ensure a smooth and firm look
  5. Push-up tp tackle sagging

Q3. I don't know if my current bra size is the perfect fit or not ?

A. Here are some of the signs that show that yor current bra is not the most suitable for you:
  1. Riding back band
  2. Spillings breast out of cups under armpits
  3. Digging strap into the skin at shoulders or sides
  4. Slipping down straps from shoulders
  5. Gapping in cups

Q4. I'm an A cup.Do I really need to wear a bra ?

A. Yes-its very important that you wear a bra.Oftentimes,Womens with smaller size breasts won't wear a proper bra and will opt instead for an undershirt with no bra or a flimsy triangle with nothing but elastic holding it together.Neither of these options do anything to enhance your look or support your breasts.
What a Cup-Women need most from a bra is defnition and support.Bras with light padding will give your breasts natural shape.Padded bras with bumps pads can eve give you some cleavage.You may not be looking for cleavage or to enhance your shape-and that's fine too.But even a cups need tissue and muscle support.

Q5. How do I know if my straps are adjusted corretly?

A. If you cant slip your finger under your straps.or if your straps are digging into your shoulders,you've probaly tightened them too far to compensate for being in the wrong size bra.Usually.This occurs when your band size is too large.Straps should be tight enough to stay in place on your shoulders while only providing about 10 percent of your bra's overall support.To check your bra straps,slipp your straps ooff your shoulders so they are resting on your arms.A well-fitting bra should stay on (with some sagging)without the straps assistance.

Q6. What's the difference between a demi bra and a push-up bra?

A. Demi cups bras lift and enhance the bust line for a natural look that is comfortable for everyday wear.Push-up bras have demi cups with padding at the botton and sides of the cups.this padding pushes the breasts up and inward to give more fullness and cleavage.Because the look is more dramatic(and revealing),a push-up bra is usually reserved for special occasions .

Q7. How to make my lingerie last longer?

A. Hand washing is the ultimate key to ensuring a sustainable and healthy lingerie.Machine washing not only stretches and wreaks havoc to the delicate embroideries or pad linings but also make the bra lose its original shape and size.Drying directly under the scorching sun for long hours is not a very prefereable way either .Leads to color fadding and size shrinkage.If ypu cram the bras in a small space,you end up distorting the cups shape.Always fold your lingerie in the following steps:
  1. Fasten the hook and tuck in the tabs
  2. Tuck one cup into the other
  3. Stack them on top of each other
  4. Keep them in soft zipper bags