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Super Soft Cotton High Waist Leak Proof Period Panties - Yellow

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Size: Small

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Fabric type:Natural cotton, Spandex
Cotton lining: premium cotton
Cotton lining: premium cotton;
Color: Gray, Skin, Light Purple, Yellow
PREMIUM FABRICS: The main fabric of the period/ postpartum panty is made of natural cotton and spandex. 


The underwear serves as extra protection from leaks. MUST use together with sanitary napkins, tampons, pantyliners, menstrual cups, maternity pads or incontinence pads. The underwear protects user if there is an overflow from the pad.


We have extended the crotch linings to make them more protective. And the premium cotton lining on the surface can absorb some liquid, so you don't have to worry about any unexpected messy stains on sheets or clothes and will feel peaceful when wearing them.

Recommended for Postpartum Moms or Teens in Periods:

The women's period underwear can be served as postpartum underwear after delivering a baby or for c-section recovery. This menstrual underwear is also a nice choice for teens as it can make them feel protected about not having embarrassing leakage at school

Wash Care: The menstrual panties for women are reusable and easy to clean. Machine washable